Reimagined classics



Great pride and care is taken with every piece to ensure that your new body is a fitting tribute to the vintage guitars we all know and love. 


Vintage correct dowels can be found in the right places



Pencil dates will tell you when the journey began


Bodies are deep contoured, by hand, to offer the most comfortable playing experience I can offer. 


But none of the above matters without the most important detail of all...

After years of research Golden Era can proudly offer faithful reproductions of the original "custom" colours. By starting off the process with such a strong and accurate colour palette the end result is a true testament to the time spent matching the original colour charts. 



Craze checking takes front and centre at Golden Era, where it belongs.

Great care is taken to ensure the best results are achieved. No blades are used during this process.. just time.


Paisley Paper

As a personal obsession grew and grew so did the demand for superior quality paper. This means a Golden Era paisley body is as close to the originals as possible



And finally, a proud artist always signs their work... 


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